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Wize Reveals Avatar Editor

Imversed Updates
December 19, 2022

Wize Blockchain is proud to present its avatar editor, giving people the opportunity to get creative and express themselves in their digital presence. With the release of the avatar editor, Wize Blockchain is giving users more power to create their own unique avatars, allowing users to adjust size, shape, color, and texture to make their avatar fit their personality perfectly. More importantly, the editor also allows users to convert avatars from VRM and GLB files, making it easier than ever to transfer avatars between different platforms. It is currently under beta testing.

Avatars are crucial in both metaverse and online world

Avatars are becoming more and more crucial in the metaverse and online world. It functions as a way for users to represent themselves and can be used to demonstrate their personality and creativity. However, different platforms require different standards when it comes to the customizations you can make, limiting creative freedom and transferability for users. Imversed's avatar editor will solve this problem by allowing users to customize their avatar for any platform that supports VRM or GLB files. 

To coincide with the launch of their avatar editor, Wize Blockchain is also preparing to announce an upcoming official sale for their XR-land soon. With the sale, users will be able to purchase land and build their very own virtual worlds and experiences with their unique avatars. Wize Blockchain is excited to see how users will take advantage of their avatar editor and XR-land sale. With the launch of these two features, users will be able to create whole new virtual experiences and share them with others.

In addition, it will soon be available to purchase avatars created by other users from Wize's upcoming XR-land store. This will allow users to customize and share their avatars with the world while making profits at the same time, creating a thriving virtual economy in Wize Blockchain XR-land metaverse.

Soon you will be able to create or edit a pre-existed avatar in Wize Blockchain world.

Wize Blockchain is dedicated to providing users with the tools they need to create their own unique avatars and immersive experiences. With their avatar editor and upcoming official sale, Imversed hopes to make it easier for people to bring their virtual selves to life.

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