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Embracing the New Mixed-Reality Life with Wize Blockchain

Imversed Updates
September 23, 2022

Augmented and Virtual reality technology will start drastically altering our lives, and it's not as far away as you may think.

It's a familiar story - the technology giants bet big on an emerging industry and are already seeing substantial return from it, and It won't take long for this tech to be fully integrated into our everyday lives either; with market experts forecasting that these industries will grow by USD162.71 billion within three years, thanks to their 46% CAGR.


Vive is perhaps the one of the earliest adopters of VR/AR technology

Vive is truly ahead of the game - they were one of the first to bring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to life with their wildly popular VIVE PRO headgear. Now, it seems that Vive has identified a way for us all to take advantage; leveraging new technologies like VR/AR, high-speed connectivity, AI and blockchain in order provide 'seamless experiences' through its upcoming initiative Viverse. Get ready folks – this might be our ticket towards an immersive future.


Google has taken their first steps into the world of augmented reality with small-scale public testing for AR glasses. Featuring in-lens displays, microphones and cameras that protect users' privacy, Google is taking a measured approach to make sure things are done right – but don't expect too much waiting; these cutting edge specs may hit stores as early as next year.


Apple is alsogetting ready to change the game with their upcoming AR/VR headset. According to Bloomberg's latest report, Apple just trademarked "Reality One," "Reality Pro" and a dedicated processor called “Reality Processor” for this revolutionary device that utilizes 12 cameras along with its M1 chip power it up. Tech enthusiasts are on edge awaiting an announcement - expected sometime in January 2023 - which could potentially revolutionize our relationship to reality as we know it.

AR/VR Trends and Possibilities

As AR/VR technology is gaining traction across numerous industries, including gaming and healthcare to military applications, it's clear that the potential market for this tech is considerable. Now with leading companies joining in on its development as well, there won't be any signs of slowing momentum soon.

Moreover, metaverse projects have stepped up their game by exploring how they can combine virtual reality with real-world scenarios - setting a lofty new bar and propelling us into worlds untapped before now.

Wize Blockchain

Wize Blockchain is the world's first ever XR-Land metaverse, providing users with an entirely new way to experience reality. By fusing cutting-edge AR/VR tech and geo-attached lands, Imversed creates a seamless journey between the digital and physical worlds - allowing you to explore virtual realms like never before. With its innovative approach comes endless possibilities for businesses and creators; plus anyone using an AR/VR headset can view all user generated content posted on your property. So don't just settle in this life: join Imversed today!

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