Wize Blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure for the XR-land metaverse, forging a new dimension where physical and virtual merge, letting users enjoy and grow their dreams.


INTRODUCING wize blockchain

Create your own digital collectable avatars and coins with ease in Wize Blockchain

● A virtual world with XR-lands mapped onto reality

● Anyone can create proof of stake chains and digital assets without coding

● The world's best security with all contracts and regulations covered

● Unlimited flexibility for coders to have access to its open-source code

● Easy to adapt to with simple, well-documented API and SDK

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blockchain with No-code

Metaverse as a Service

Wize Blockchain is building an XR-land metaverse and making it accessible for anyone, from any app or game, from anywhere. Wize Blockchain platform can provide games and app developers with a high-speed, no gas fee environment by combining the best L1 and L2 blockchain solutions. Wize Blockchain ecosystem and tools include: 3D avatars, NFTs, verses (L1 and L2), bridges, no code dashboard, liquidity pools.


NFTs and Coins

GEO Mapping Technology

Wize XR-Lands

No-Code Blockchain

Wize Blockchain SDK


About our developers

Experience in NFT games and apps
Our CEO, Tim Chen, is the previous Senior Engineering VP of Cosmos. Our team has the technology to create tools such as Wize Blockchain SDK, robust API, and other land development builders to help you create NFT-powered apps at minimal server/gas cost.

Great UX with no coding required
Wize Blockchain has a no-code dashboard that allows anyone without blockchain experience to create with ease. Our user-friendly visual interface helps you create and manage blockchain assets even faster.

Turn your gaming assets into NFTs with Wize Blockchain today!

Media that have covered us
Our vision

There are currently many different metaverses, but the issue with services like Facebook Meta is that they aim to be a monopoly. They resemble their own small game and planet, which is not how the metaverse should be operated.

We seek to connect all the other metaverses by being transparent and fair. Our ultimate goal is to create something like Ready Player One, that movie where anybody can upload assets, avatars, spaces, and people can live together in this metaverse, and we believe that we can make that happen.




Phase 1


  • Q3
  • Website release
  • Discord community
  • Bridge to ETH through OSMOSIS
  • Q4
  • NFT lands concept preview
  • Listing NFTs on OpenSea through proxy contract
Phase 2


  • Q1
  • Avatar, open format for transferring avatars between game
  • Q2
  • Game connecting dashboard
  • Q3
  • Open-source game release with avatars, lands, etc.
  • All code is open-source for our partners
  • Q4
  • GEO-attached lands prototype
Phase 3


  • Lands customization with NFTs
Phase 4


  • NFT galleries & exhibitions
  • Rental market for lands
  • Transportation units preview
  • AR/VR support

Frequently asked questions

our team

Timothy Chen

Decentralized Chief Officer

Timothy Chen is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He recently started Essence Venture Capital and is an advisor at Bessemer. Previously SVP of Engineering at Tendermint, the creator of the world's largest cross-chain Cosmos ecosystem, and CEO of Hyperpilot.

Ed Ow


Ed Ow is a serial entrepreneur, his latest Web3 venture, Wize Blockchain, is a groundbreaking AR-based metaverse and blockchain solution company that is partnered with VIVE. He was a co-founder of Phantabear, a premier 10,000 NFT collection which sold out within 40 minutes. Wize Browser, Ed’s software agency, is a long term partner of HTC and created the Wize Browser.

Johnson Chiang

Head of PR

Johnson Chiang is experienced in the Chinese entertainment industry. Film producer for mandopop king Jay Chou's Hollywood films, including the upcoming one starring Bruce Willis; Previously head of PR for Phantabear NFT, the first Asian NFT project on Opensea. He is currently the CEO of Edison's Co.

Joseph Lin

Partner - HTC Viveport

Joseph Lin is the General Manager of Viverse. He has over 10 years of experience in the software industry and has a proven track record in leading successful teams and delivering innovative products. Joseph is also currently a board member of EventX and VRChat.

Alex Su


Alex Su is a software development veteran with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. In recent years, he has focused on helping establish efficient development teams and ensuring that the best possible product is produced on time and within budget. Alex is currently a serial TO and is involved in several startups, including Wize Blockchain, Wize Browser, KindRoo, and Edison's Co.

Alan Chen

Partner - HTC

Alan Chen has been with HTC for over 20 years, and has been involved in the development of 17 different HTC smartphones. He is an expert in a variety of areas related to smartphone development, including software project management, software architecture development, and more.

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